Hydrate 80 1L

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Proven long-term rust prevention over partially prepared surfaces – massively increases the life of paint applied to partially cleaned steel.

Boosts the corrosion protection of coatings applied to steel that has been cleaned by blast cleaning or other methods.

Easy-to-use simply brush or spray apply.

Safe, water-based and non-flammable.

Leaves surface ready for painting.

Produces super-tough non-rubbery etched barrier.

Surfaces do not need washing after treatment.

Low viscosity wets out corrosion for full conversion and facilitates penetration of flanges and seams.

Proven in independent TÜV tests in trials of automotive paintwork.

Awarded “Product Recommended” in Practical Classics magazine long term trial.

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Hydrate 80 1L

Traditional paints and coatings applied to corrosion give disappointingly short-lived performance because they simply hide the underlying and continuing corrosion – the failure is first seen by blistering of the coating and the rapid breakthrough of rust.

Hydrate-80 provides powerful protection to rusted steel surfaces, its electrochemical function stabilises existing corrosion by converting the iron oxides into a protective metal complex and it also combines with surface moisture and oxygen depriving the corrosion process of the conditions it requires. Paints and coatings applied to a Hydrate-80 treated surface demonstrate amazing improvements in long-term performance.

Hydrate-80 provides a superior stable barrier to prevent further attack. The cross-linking polymer formulated to provide the tough non-rubbery barrier tenaciously grips the metal surface forming an ideal base for further coatings, paints or anticorrosion wax.

Importantly for long-term protection Hydrate-80 doesn’t contain chlorine which is known to transform into corrosive hydrochloric acid in rust converter applications causing under-film blistering and destruction of paint finishes or other coating products.


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